Raymond Lipsch Online Memorial Remember Always

Raymond Erick Lipsch

Aug 25, 1960 - May 05, 2018
United States

Created with love by Joel Lauren Balaban on behalf of Rays extended family


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Ray was such a loving man. He finished his life doing what he does and loves best. He volunteered with the homeless, led many recovery groups, loved his kids and grandkids, spent time with his friends and most importantly loved the Lord. He leaves behind 4 children, 3 grandchildren, his mom and sister.

  • Being Good 10 Months Ago

    Remembering Ray today as I glanced at the program for his memorial. My thoughts and prayers are still with you all. I lost my phone, and hadn't cloud synced my numbers. I'd love to get back in touch with his daughter that had reached out to me afterwards. I can be reached via a temp number at 813-421-4468

  • Suzanne Scott 1 Year Ago

    Oh Ray, my heart breaks. It seems just the other day we were laughing about your dog, Cary Grant, and how he wanted to play with my cats when he was at my house. Your love for your Lord, for your children and for your grandchildren was such a beautiful thing. You were a big brother to me in our Single Purpose days, and I'm so blessed to have reconnected with you if only for a brief time. My deepest sympathies to his family at this devestating loss.

  • Jackie Lentz 1 Year Ago

    Our condolences to the family. He loved you kids and grandkids so much. We will remember his passion, his great laugh, and his love for Jesus and people. Ray, we miss you greatly but know you’re in the presence of Jesus!! We love you, Jackie and Gary

  • Hector Rojas 1 Year Ago

    I continue to remember that I must Trust in God. I Trust that you are safely in His loving arms. I Trust that you are finally at Peace. I Trust that we all have another Angel watching over us and Most importantly I Trust that you knew just how much you meant to all of us here that Celebrate You and the Legacy that you have left behind. Yes, we are hurting.... Yes, we miss you so much that it hurts and Yes, we are still trying to makes sense of what has transpired over the past few days. But one thing is for sure...You will never be forgotten, You will always be remembered and You will continue to be a part of our lives, our love and our laughter till we see you again on the other side. Don’t cry for me, Don’t shed a tear The time I shared with you will always be And when I’m gone, please carry on Don’t cry for me And when I’m gone Life still carries on We’ll always be Don’t cry for me. We Love you, Your BFF, Myron A. Harmon (Hector and I commit to Living Our Best Life in your Honor!)

  • Karen Gail 1 Year Ago

    Our condolences to the entire extended family. We were shocked and saddened to hear of Ray's passing. I first met Ray so many years ago, he was new in the insurance industry and just finding his way. As the years went by and our paths would cross he often spoke of his children and his love for the Lord. I pray for his family and friends as they mourn his death. Please know that you all are in our thoughts and our prayers. Respectfully, Coach Mark and Karen Renaud

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