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Adrian Allen (Maas Adri)

Mar 10, 1924 - Jan 17, 2018
Guys Hill, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

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Adrian Alexander Allen was a loving family man and inspiration to all of us, who were blessed to know him.Throughout his life, he worked diligently, gave generously, and was driven by his unwavering faith in God. He had the
most radiant smile that when he bestowed it upon you, made you feel loved, blessed and important. Maas Adrian (as we affectionately called him) was born on the 10 th of March 1924 in the district of Turnberry, St.Ann. He was the fifth of 10 children born to the late Florence Clarke and Lawrence Allen. He began his formal
education at the Turnberry Elementary school, where he demonstrated high aptitude, a strong work ethic and ambition from an early age.
As a teen he moved to Ragsville, St. Catherine to live with the Hurst Family. His first job was as a baker at Tenn’s Bakery in Benbow, St Catherine. However, in his free time, he pursued his passion for agriculture by planting produce
and other crops. He then sold some and often shared his harvest with all who visited or were in need. In early 1954, this charming young man met and fell in love with a beautiful princess, Emily Parker. He soon proposed to her and they were married on the 18 th of August 1954, at which point he became not only a husband, but a father to her son. The union went on to produce eight more children.

As his family grew, so did Maas Adrian’s farming and his generosity. He reared cows and goats. He also put aside ground provisions and fruits for his children and grandchildren, and continued to share with those in need. In fact, he was known for rarely saying no and would keep money in his pocket to give the children, who asked him for
a ten dollar, when he was going to his farm.
Adrian was a diligent provider and protector of his children. He was good at washing, cleaning, cooking, and baking. He liked to prepare chocolate tea, bammy and fried dumplings, which he served to visitors and friends. One of
his best baked goodies was his potato pudding. Oftentimes, after a hard day of work, he would come home and eat his dinner, but he would also give each child a portion of his dinner. His wife would say to him, “yuh spoil the picknie dem. Dem just eat dem dinner.” He would then say to her “please leave me and my children.” Maas Adrian is also remembered as a great father and
grandfather, who instilled good morals and strong values in his children and grandchildren. To him, “education was key” and he emphasized the importance of going to school every day. He would even prepare his children for school, when
his wife went to the market. Adrian loved his church. On Saturdays, he would ask his daughter, Patsy to prepare his clothes for Sunday. He would always be the first member to reach church! Whenever the church had rallies, Adrian and his granddaughter Schennelle would enthusiastically encourage all family members to
donate. Adrian sometimes liked to visit his sons and daughter in Ocho Rios. Ernest would jokingly say to him “you will be staying with me for a while” and he would reply “Oh no, not
so long, as I have to go and tend to my field.” This wasn’t just something he said. For example, when he once decided it was time to leave Ocho Rios and walked back to Guys Hill rather than wait for a ride. At the age of 91, he was still tending to his field. In May 2016, he became ill, which limited his daily activities. Adrian looked forward to weekly visits from his son, Ernest. Ernest would also make sure that his father’s grocery supplies did not run out. Adrian wanted to give something back in return and would say “Ernest, I am going to my field to get some
ground provision for you, but I can’t find my water boots.” Imagine this noble man, remained determined, even amidst illness. Adrian also gave his caregivers a lot to laugh about, during meal time, in the bathroom or even when going to bed. On the 5th of January 2018, his illness worsened, and he lost his ability to walk. God knew that he would hate to be confined to his bed. So, he was called home on the 17th of
January 2018. Adrian is survived by his wife Emily (who is unable to attend due to illness), sons: Ernest, Horace, David, Paul and step-son Lloyd Martin, daughters: Carlene, Dahlia, Hylene, and Rhona, sons-in- law, daughters-in- law, 29 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and a host of other relatives, friends, and church sisters and brothers. Let me say thanks to all persons who gave great support to Adrian Allen during his illness. We greatly
appreciate the hard work and effort displayed by his caregivers, and Mr. Byfield, who often drove him to doctor’s appointments and the hospital, and other family members who visited him. Thank you all! As Adrian rests in eternal paradise, we pray that God will allow us to carry his legacy of love and kindness through the generations! I would like to close with this quote: “Life’s true gift lies in your freedom to design it beautifully. With each sunrise, you get to chase the opportunity to fill your days with meaning –
to live your life the way you choose. Push yourself to pursue a life worth living” ~ Author Unknown

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