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Lincoln Christopher Nathan Johnson

Jul 15, 1980 - May 06, 2018
Maitland, Florida, United States

Created with love by Cherrah Johnson on behalf of The Johnson Family, Jessica & Stella Johnson


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Life Bio

Linc was a unique man who walked through his life following his own drumbeat. He celebrated individual people and moments constantly and never ever let an opportunity pass to tell someone that he appreciated them, loved them or was proud of them. He was constantly noticing details about the world around him that were art, or mechanically interesting, or a challenge he could fix.
He considered himself an Inventor.
An Artist.
And a 'mechanical genius'.
( "Seriously, you guys, you know I am. I can figure out anything ". He would laugh and interject that here I bet ). If you knew his humor, you knew his heart.
He was different things to all of us and in a celebration of his life, we can all get a glimpse of that here.
In memory of Lincoln, our family and his wife have decided to have a small private family memorial later in the summer. Lincolns remains will be honored at our family plot in Webberville, Michigan - along with our other family members. He will also be memorialized at our family lake house in Lake Placid, FL and we will share that information when it's available.
We ask that if you have memories of Linc, or pictures to share, please do so here. Quick snapshots of old photos from before digital cameras are are short or long stories or sentiments. Anything you want to share, remember, laugh about or just pass along.
As an artist, Linc also shared specifically with Jessica a desire to have freestyle art, writings and imagery as part of his permanent memorial.

If you feel compelled to share things like that here, they can be part of his physical memorial. We're still working on what that will be.

Thank you for sharing part of your life with Lincoln. His birthday is July 15th and you may want to celebrate your unique connection to and memories of him in your own way.

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