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John Johnson (Example Life Profile)

Jan 08, 1920 - Feb 15, 2014
Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

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Funeral Services

ABC Funeral Home

Time: 11:00 AM

Date: Feb 22, 2014

Address: 123 Main St

City: Hoboken

State: New Jersey

Zipcode: 12345

ABC Cemetery

Time: 01:00 PM

Date: Feb 22, 2014

Address: 456 Cemetery Way

City: Orange

State: New Jersey

Zipcode: 98765

Burial service not available.

Life Timeline

  • Jan 08, 1920

    Born to Jon and Jo Johnson

  • 1934

    Attended Albany High School

  • 1943

    Graduated from Albany University - SUNY

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Life Bio

*** This is an Example Life Profile. It is not real. ***
John was truly loved by everyone. He was so caring, kind, and trustworthy. Everyone knew they could count on him, and everyone knew they could trust him.
John was born in Albany, New York, and lived with his parents and 2 sisters. He attended Albany High School where he excelled in both academics and sports. After graduation, he went on to college at University at Albany - State University of New York, where he majored in Accounting. Upon graduation from college he started his career as an accountant with a local firm.
John got married to Joan Joson in 1947, and had 2 sons, Jonathan and Johnnie. They family later moved to New Jersey when John was decided to join AT&T as a Finance Executive.
John had a great career with AT&T, but is also well known for his many community involvement activities, including feeding the poor, and programs for disadvantaged children.
John is survived by his 2 sons, and 5 grandchildren. He will be missed and remembered forever.

  • Regine Racine-Bowen 1 Year Ago

    Mr. Johnson was loved by everyone at work. He was always caring and understanding. We will always remember him.

  • Keisha King-Allen 1 Year Ago

    I will miss all his stories about the “good old days”

  • Norm Bowen 1 Year Ago

    John was a great mentor and friend. We miss him dearly.

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Fun Facts

John proposed to Joan within 6 months of meeting her

John was an avid crosswords puzzle guy

John was named CFO of the Year by Accounting magazine in 1962

All of John's immediate family had names starting with 'J'

John was a big New York Giants fan

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