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Why create a Life Profile?

by : Regine Racine-Bowen - 15-Dec-2017

The benefits of creating an online memorial on Remember Always

1. It is a great way to remember, honor and celebrate the life of a loved one, hero or legend

A Life Profile, an enduring online memorial profile of someone that has passed away, is a great way to remember, honor, and celebrate the life of a loved one, together with others. Family and friends from near and far will be able to participate in the profile by viewing and posting messages, pictures and videos.


2. It lasts forever and is a great way to remember together

The Life Profiles on Remember Always live on forever. You and others will be able to “remember always” your loved one. Future generations will also be able to get to know a loved one that passed away a long time ago, without having to dig through boxes of pictures or try to locate pictures and videos on old computers and cameras.


3. It’s a great way to showcase a person’s mark on the world in one place

The Life Profile can be a representation of the person’s mark on the world. Most times, not everyone realizes all the things that a person was involved with and had accomplished in their life. The Life Profile will give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the person they knew and loved.


4. Everyone who knew and loved the person can share in the Life Profile

The Life Profile is also an opportunity for those who knew and loved the person to be able to express their condolences, love and support. They will be able to share stories, upload pictures and videos. They will be able to choose to be notified when new messages have been posted to the profile so they can be aware of new conversations, stories, and uploads. They will be able to support the loved one’s family or the loved one’s cause through donations if there is a fundraiser associated with the Life Profile. There will be many ways to keep the loved one’s memories alive.


5. Funeral Arrangements can be easily shared on and from the Life Profile.

The Life Profile allows for the entry of funeral arrangements, making it easy for everyone to get all the relevant information in one place. The information can also be shared out through social media sites from the profile.


6. A Tribute Fundraiser in support of a loved one’s family, foundation, or charity can be incorporated into the Life Profile

At times, when a person passes away, their family may need some temporary financial support to cover some of the unexpected expenses. They will have the opportunity to set up a fundraiser for that purpose. In some cases, the family may ask that donations be made to a specific charity or foundation. That can also be set up.

However, the Tribute Fundraiser is totally optional and not all profiles will have a fundraiser associated with it.


7. Messages, pictures, and videos all in one place

You will be able to post messages, and upload pictures and videos of your loved one, including potential videos they specifically recorded for future generations before they passed away. Pictures and videos will also be usable in your loved one’s life timeline.

In addition to pictures from the immediate family, other family members and friend from all over will be able to upload and share additional pictures and videos for everyone to see.


8. Find useful and inspirational information

Visitors to the Remember Always site will also be able to find resources on the site that are relevant to funeral planning, handling grief, remembering loved ones, getting (and giving) support, finding service providers such as funeral homes and caterers, legal information, and more.


9. Easily send flowers to the family of the loved one or to the funeral home

Visitors to the Remember Always site will be able to easily send flowers to the family or to the funeral home for the memorial services, to express their condolences, love and support.


10. It’s free, but valuable.

Creating and maintaining a Life Profile of a loved one on the Remember Always site is free. However, although it’s free, you will experience an awesome website that will showcase a modern memorial for your loved ones, with continual improvements and innovations for site members and visitors.






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