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How to write a Eulogy—the Story that lives on

by : Regine Racine-Bowen - 27-Mar-2018

The Eulogy is our opportunity to share the person we knew and loved with our support community.  Often this is what people remember most from a funeral.  Writing a eulogy begins with Remembering what you loved most about this person.  How this person touched your life and sharing the lasting legacy of that relationship. 

Start by thinking of 3 words you think of when you think of this person.  Then think of 3 things you learned from this person, and finally, how is your life forever changed because this person was a part of your life.  As you reflect on those items and associated stories and memories that support the traits, learnings & experiences, your eulogy will emerge.  Tell people what made this person unique and special to you.  What were they known for, what did they enjoy.  How you will Remember them.  The jokes you shared. The songs you shared. The special places and people that brought humor, comfort and joy.

You may want to enlist the support of others who were also close to your loved one who has passed. It’s often nice to hear about special relationships that your loved one had with others and how he or she positively impacted the life of others.  You can contact people and ask, or if you have created a memorial Life Profile on Remember Always, you can ask close friends and family to share memories there that you can review in preparation for the Eulogy.  When the memorial activities have been completed this Life Profile can be the place you can always visit as you are remembering your loved one.

Our stories don’t end when we pass away. The eulogy and the online memorial enables our stories to live on and touch more people.

When delivering the eulogy, take a deep breath and know the people in the room are there to support you and the love one who has passed away, so try to relax and speak from the heart.  Wishing you comfort and strength as you are preparing to honor your loved one.

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